As SENA, our goal is to build community through social events, local volunteerism, and open dialogue about issues affecting "South End-ers." We began in 2007 with one resident with a vision - and are resident inspired, led and run.

Located just South of the business district of Uptown Charlotte, the South End's many charms appeal to a diverse mix of residents and businesses. South End is one of the few neighborhoods where businesses and residential areas effectively co-exist, each serving to enhance the eclectic vibe for the professionals, students, artists, business people and other Charlotteans who call South End home. 

South End is home to residents of all walks of life who appreciate a dynamic and pedestrian-friendly neighborhood. While our diverse community is made of artists, students, retirees, small-business owners, business and law professionals, and anything else you could imagine, we are united by an innovative and creative spirit. 

Residents and businesses of South End are a creative, energetic and passionate bunch who are aware of and involved in the issues of present day, we all call this home.