Clair de Lune is a Party and You're Invited


If Anna Kirwan only wanted to sell clothing and make money, she could have opened an online shop.  But Anna's dream is much bigger than that.

So when Anna opened Clair de Lune last December she did it with a very distinct goal - to create an experience and to become a part of the fabric of the Southend community.  

Her vision is that guests will spend their day roaming the neighborhood with friends and family - walking the rail trail, brunching at Tupelo Honey, dropping by Clair de Lune (where there's no pressure to buy anything and browsing is encouraged), checking out an art gallery, and then grabbing a coffee.  

Honestly, with a French-bohemian inspired shop as well curated as Clair de Lune is (with labels like Mod Ref, Z Supply, Gentle Fawn, and Lucky Brand among others) and prices for all budgets, I'd be surprised if you left empty-handed.  

Truly, though, being in Anna's boutique just feels good.

"(Clair de Lune) is a party.  And everybody who comes in is invited to our party," Anna says.

And where better than Southend to host a party?

In fact, Anna insisted that her shop would only open in Southend.  It was no easy task - she spent over six months just looking for a space in the neighborhood.  Luckily, she was able to participate in some pop-up markets around town organized by Girl Tribe.  (In fact, she now carry's founders' Carrie Barker and Sarah Baucom's Pink Social line.)

Luck stayed on Anna's side and eventually she met her current landlord who is a true proponent of small, locally-owned businesses.  Better yet, her space would be neighbors with a popular restaurant, so her dream of guests weaving shopping in with a day out-and-about town took shape.

The energy and sense of community in Southend is strong for Anna.  Her friends spend their days (and nights) in the area and often swing by to say hi (and grab a shirt or cute accessory, I bet).

Thankfully, we can, too.  Do you wanna come to a party?!   Pssssss....Anna, can friends of friends invite friends?